"One of New York’s most original bands, HAZMAT MODINE delivers a rustic, deliriously Dionysian blend of whorehouse Blues, Reggae, Klezmer, Country and Gypsy-tinged music. The band features the dueling harmonicas of front-man Wade Schuman and his sparring partner Randy Weinstein, funky tuba powerhouse Joseph Daley, guitarists Michael Gomez and Pete Smith, trumpeter Pam Fleming and drummer Rich Huntley. HAZMAT holds down a smoldering groove behind Schuman’s raspy, bluesy voice and passionately energetic stage presence. (Schuman is one of the most dynamic performers on the New York scene). Their playful blend of genres also extends to their use of instrumentation, including the sheng (the ancient Chinese mouth organ), the unique and odd claviola, and sometimes the cimbalom (the Romanian hammered dulcimer). While they play mostly originals, their cover versions are choice and eclectic, including songs by Slim Gaillard, Jimmy Rogers, Jaybird Coleman, and Irving Berlin. Their live show frequently features guest artists from the creme de la creme of the New York music scene, including cult-favorite singer/accordionist Rachelle Garniez, Moonlighters steel guitarist extraordinaire Henry Bogdan and the great cimbalom player Alex Federiouk. With their sly musical wit, expert musicianship and completely unique sound, HAZMAT MODINE has built a wide and devoted following, drawing crowds to shows at venues as diverse as the Knitting Factory, Terra Blues, the Fez and Galapagos Art Space.
The fifteen-track CD presents an ensemble with a Sybil complex of multiple musical personalities. "Yesterday Morning" resembles a New Orleans funeral dirge with a reggae beat. "It Calls Me" melds the Mississippi Delta with Huun-Huur-Tu's Asian-born Tuvan throat singing. The exotic array of instruments includes the Romanian cimbalon, zamponia, Hawaiian steel guitar, electric banjitar, contrabass sax, claviola, and bass marimba. In the hands of lesser musicians this stuff would sound like a mess, but these guys make it work, with dancing diplomacy that would put the U.N. to shame. If this isn't world music, I don't know what is."

01- Yesterday morning
02- It calls me
03- Bahamut
04- Fred of Bellaroy
05- Broke my baby´s heart
06- Almost gone
07- Steadly roll
08- Everybody loves you
09- Lost fox train
10- Dry spell
11- Ugly rug
12- Who walks in hen I walk out!
13- Grade-a Gray day
14- Man trouble
15- Outro


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

ive danced swing to this, ive danced blues to this, we goofed around with charleston to this, we kicked back and relaxed to this, we drank to this, we played rummy to this and it still seems new and fun every time!
thanks for this album, its a keeper!

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