"Gianmaria Testa is an Italian singer/songwriter treasure, and for this release he's put together a loose concept album about migrants and those who move (or refuse to move) for work and war. He's backed by his usual acoustic roots band, but adds American guitarist Bill Frisell to the proceedings (and another American, Greg Cohen, gives a crystalline production). Testa's trademark gravelly, world-weary vocals speak of separation, loneliness and often resignation, but there's also hope, as in the beautiful "3/4," a simple elegiac song and finally a sense of place and possible belonging, albeit on a small scale. A superb lyricist with a marvelous eye for image, Testa picks up on the minutiae that make up a life, the small but still important things. What he's really created here is nothing less than a work of art."

01. Seminatori Di Grano
02. Rrock
03. Forse Qualcuno Domani
04. Una Barca Scura
05. Tela Di Ragno
06. Il Passo E L'Incanto
07. 3/4
08. Al Mercato Di Porta Palazzo
09. Ritals
10. Miniera
11. La Nostra Citta

Enzo Pietropaoli-Double Bass
Gianmaria Testa-Guitar, Vocals, Pre-Production, Lyricist
Gabriele Mirabassi-Clarinet
Philippe Garcia-Percussion, Drums
Piero Ponzo-Saxophone
Luciano Biondini-Accordion
Davide Roveri-Assistant Engineer
Piero Salvatori-Cello
Claudio Dadoneű-Guitar, Pre-Production
Sebastiano Severi-Cello
Greg Cohen-Guitar, Vocals, Artistic Producer
Bill Frisell-Guitar (Electric)
Paolo Fresu-Trumpet



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