A unique project from Fonó Records in Hungary featuring Ágnes Herczku, members of Hegedős, Vándor Vokál and others.
Singer Agnes Herczku and band with an enthralling collection of folk songs from the diverse Hungarian repertory: traditional folk songs, gipsy dances, shepherd's songs, wedding marches and even some drinking songs. Intelligent and inspired music which is articulated around some splendid elaborate vocal harmonies with a significant number of guests. Song topics range from The Wheat Must Ripen to The Tears of Women all of which are eloquently rendered. The instrumentation is precise and effective (violins, percussions, flute, accordion and dulcimer). A complex heritage organized around a talented and impressive group of musicians.

01. Oh, secret love (Folk song from Magyarbőd)
02. It begins secretly (Csárdás from Magyarbőd )
03. So that I don't need paint on my cheeks (Lament and „Hungarian” from Magyarszovát)
04. On the corner of her rosemary pillow (Dawn song and lads' dance from Kalotaszeg)
05. Three nights, three days (Csárdás and swift from Kalotaszeg)
06. Memory of Josko Kura (Bagpipe songs form Zoborvidék)
07. The wheat must grow ripe (Gypsy dance and „orphan song” from Nyirvasvári)
08. I lost my horse (Shepherds' songs for stick dance from Gömör)
09. When I go out to the hill in Daróc (“Hallgató” and melodies from Nagydaróc)
10. „Whose soul is wine” (Drinking songs from Bodrogköz)
11. My sweetheart, you took my sense away (“Oláhos”, csárdás and „fogás” from Bodrogköz)
12. Tears of women (Ruthenian chorovods from Sáros)
13. Huculka (Ruthenian music from Técső)
14. In memoriam Bohumil Hrabal (Wedding march from Jóka)

Fonó Folk Band:
Ágnes Herczku – vocals
Gergely Agócs – vocals, flute, bagpipe, tárogató
Tamás Gombai – vocals, violin
Gábor Szabó – vocals, violin
Sándor D. Tóth – vocals, second violin, viola, guitar, drum
Zsolt Kürtösi – vocals, double-bass, accordion

With the contribution of:
Balázs Unger – dulcimer, little dulcimer

Vándor Vokál band:
Katalin Bakó – vocals
Szilvia Bognár – vocals
Tünde Farkaš – vocals
Katalin Izsák – vocals

Ágnes Szalóki – vocals
Adrienn Buzássy – vocals
Júlia Zsákay – volcals
Ádám Pettik – water can, oral bass


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


bolingo69 said...

First let me thank you for all the lovely music I have found here. I am slowly going through the hungarian heritage shared here. Thank You very much for that!
However, I encountered a problem!
I downloaded this file three times but it refuses to unpack is there something the matter either with the file? Or is there something wrong with the password?

bolingo69 said...

Thank you also for the album Dorombér. Is there any chance that there are any 78 rpm old schellac records that have survived in Hungary. Would love to hear more of old Folk music and Citytraditions of Cabaret and similar.

Thanks for any help extended in this regard

Bluesmen said...

I do not know it what may be your problem...
I checked it, at me good, and somebody else did not indicate that he would be a mistake.
Did you write the password in punctually, well?

bolingo69 said...

Unfortunately it still does not work for me. I downloaded the file again and at the request for a password I (again like I did before) I copied the pwd from the webpage not to make any spelling mistake) "bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com" and all that appears is a folder with the name:"Fon¢ Zenekar - Mixtura Cultivalis" an inside that there is a zero K file called :"01 - Ej a titkos szerelem (Magyarbãdi nÇpdal).mp3" supposedly the first of the fourteen tracks.
My computer is a Mac OS X unpacking with software called "Stuffit v. 12.0" Very standard software that has unzipped unrared unpacked virtually thousands and thousands of files before. Sorry if I am giving you a headache but these are my problems.

I am thankful for any further help or suggestions!

Greetings from

bolingo69 said...

Actually trying to explain the problem led me to resolve it! It was a problem with character set and I simply found a software called UnRarX that did the trick so now all is fine!

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!

Love the music you have made available. There are many reasons to be proud of your Hungarian Heritage!

best from


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