Loneliness, loss, displacement, and death loom large among the topics covered in the 15 Yiddish poems set to melodies by popular Israeli folk singer Chava Alberstein, and arranged by New York's exploratory Klezmatics, on this deeply sad and beautiful album. Anyone familiar with the Klezmatics' more rambunctious side will be impressed by the inventive delicacy and subtlety they bring to these elegant vestiges of fading Yiddish culture, virtually reanimating it with tangos, Hasidic melodies, polkas, and festive freylekhs that recall its vibrant past. Alberstein's low voice meshes beautifully with Lorin Sklamberg's high tenor, adding extra emotional resonance to a series of poems in the middle of the album that evoke the genocide twilight that enveloped the writers' world half a century ago. Their tragedy is redeemed in The Well.

"The Well is an extraordinary collaboration between two extraordinary artists. Renowned Jewish roots sextet The Klezmatics and legendary diva Chava Alberstein, called "the first lady of Israeli song," have joined forces in creating a rapturous modern Jewish music. Set to words from this century's finest Yiddish poets,The Well draws from the vibrant musical traditions of klezmer, Middle Eastern, French chanson, German cabaret and American folk in a gorgeous original score. Chava's lush, golden vocals describe experiences of love and loss both profoundly Jewish and universal, while The Klezmatics' radiant virtuosity is suffused with "the Eastern European accents, unfettered joy and instrumental brilliance that define klezmer."

The Chicago Tribune

01. Di krenitse
02. Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym
03. Ergets shtil Baym taykh
04. Ver es hot
05. Ovnt lid
06. A malekh veynt
07. Bay nakht
08. Vek nisht
09. Kh'vel oyston di shikh
10. Mayn shvester Khaye
11. Umetik
12. Di elter
13. Velkhes meydl s'nemt a bokher
14. Di goldene pave
15. Zayt gezunt

Chava Alberstein: vocals, classical guitar
Lorin Sklamberg: vocals, accordion, piano, bass accordion, harmonium
Alicia Svigals: violin
Frank London: trumpet, flugelhorn, alto horn, piano, harmonium, bass accordion, synthesizer
David Licht: drums & percussion
Matt Darriau: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, kaval, harmonium
Paul Morrissett: electric bass, double bass, tsimbl, hardanger fiddle

Ben Mink: guitar, mandocello, mandolin
John Friesen: cello (6)


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