"Recorded amidst the live event, this CD shows the harsh truthfulness of our first few years.
Live recordings (partly done using a walkman!)and a few days at the Beatstudio (with the legendary Gerd Blum!) managed to recreate the swinging atmosphere aboard the motor boat Pik-As in Berlin´s Urbanhafen. Or else the tiny stage at the Café Bellevue. Or the concert on 14th July at the former Franz-Club in Prenzlauer Berg, which took place on the same day as the Love Parade (“everyone on platforms?”)."

17 Hippies

01. Vorspiel
02. Der Zug um 7:40 Uhr
03. Bourrée dite d'aurore sand
04. Valse a cadet
05. A scuttiscia
06. Le waltz
07. Folk song
08. Der Freund von Lüül
09. Shalom Alechem
10. Who stole the keeshka
11. Arriba muchacho
12. Galerón
13. King Arthur's liver
14. Jovane Jovanke
15. Chassidic song
16. Die Ungarn Nummer
17. Csillagok


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