"Like Gogol Bordello and Flogging Molly, New Orleans quintet the Zydepunks draw from two divergent genres -- folk and punk -- to create music that pushes traditional boundaries without abandoning its roots. The group, known for its manic interpretations of European and Louisiana folk music and a multilingual repertoire (the group performs in English, German, French, Spanish, Yiddish, and Portuguese), formed in 2004, quickly gained a devoted following, and released its first album, 9th Ward Ramblers. The Zydepunks looked forward to more successes in 2005, but soon after releasing their second album, ...And the Streets Will Flow with Whiskey, disaster struck when Hurricane Katrina roared ashore. While the bandmembers were safe and three returned to homes that were still intact, their city was laid to waste. Despite the considerable setbacks, the group reunited for a performance at the New Orleans Voodoo Music Festival. In August 2007, they released their third album, Exile Waltz; a fourth release was scheduled for 2008."

1 Boudreaux Crosses the Danube
2 Big Man Walking in the Rain
3 Josette
4 Valse de Balfa
5 Andropov/Polka Félix
6 La Maraichine
7 Valse de creve de faim
8 Odessa Bulgar
9 Ma Tisére
10 Larideaux a six temps
11 Valse d'exil
12 Zydeco Cha Cha


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Darkman said...

Thanks bluesmen! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this album.

Could you please upload their other one:
... And The Streets Will Flow With Whiskey


Bluesmen said...

I don't understand.
The album is here on the site...:)

Anonymous said...

Yes that is here but their first album is still missing (9th Ward Ramblers (2004)).
Could you upload it, please?

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