MUZSIKÁS is the most popular and most renowned ensemble in Hungary and worldwide playing the traditional Hungarian folk music. Their performance is an exciting musical experience, the audience are transferred back to the remote Hungarian village atmosphere where the traditions survived the centuries.

MUZSIKÁS is the name given to musicians playing traditional folk music in Hungary in villages. The formation of the MUZSIKÁS Ensemble coincided with the European revivalist movement of the seventies whereby interest lied not only in the traditions, but also the roots of culture.

The members of the group play and improvise in the style of old traditional Hungarian folk bands in which the solo violin and the song typically were accompanied with the three-stringed viola and contrabass. The musicians also play other instruments which enables them to produce an extensive range of exciting and unusual colour tones. The music of MUZSIKÁS can be characterized as the traditional arrangements of authentic Hungarian folk music featuring a playing style typical of the best village musicians. It has nothing in common stylistically with the Gypsy-Hungarian style, but is rather the true folk music of Hungary, the most beautiful melodies of which were considered by Béla Bartók to be equal with the greatest works of music.

01 - Füzes lakodalmas
02 - Kerekes héjsza és sebes
03 - Baj baj baj
04 - Sűrű és ritka magyar
05 - Ej de széles
06 - Gyimesi verbunk
07 - Rákoczi mars
08 - Édesanyám rózsafája
09 - Gyimesi lassú magyaros
10 - Szállj el madár

Part 1.
Part 2.

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Anonymous said...

Ez a Muzsikás tól a kedvencem akkor is ha visza vettek zenéket más lemezektol (de tecik az elso 10perces "Füzesi lakodalmas")

Nem tudom ott hagyni a ritmusokat :))) igazi kincs.
Temiattad tudom megismerni a magyar zenevilagot es foleg a népzenét
Mindent amit irzs elolvasok ez mellete amikor informaciokat keresek igazi ismeretet tudok kialapitani. Igazi munka mind ez KOSZONOM

Egy ajto a gyokereimnek :)


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