The line-up is two Kiwis, two New Yorkers, and a Londoner . Between them they play accordion, mandolin, banjo, double bass, guitar, soprano and tenor saxes, melodica and zydeco washboard. The skilled interweaving of these instruments and daring five-part vocal harmonies are part and parcel of the groups undeniably fascinating chutzpah!

"It's wild hick ethnic roots music, it's a hand-clapping foot-stomping, frenzied Yiddish groove session..
It's a hoe-down in a Roumanian village square.
Klezmer as it might have sounded 500 years ago.
The Jews Brothers Band breaks the rules of klezmer, unashamedly and with chutzpah: no clarinets, violins or drums, these brothers (plus one sister) just get down to it with chonking gypsy style mandolin, pumping tea-chest bass, blasting brass horn, shakers and finger cymbals, and vibrant melodica and accordion, all aided and abetted by soulful 5-part vocals that sound as if they come straight out of a mediaeval synagogue.
If you can't dance to this album, you gotta problem!"

." this idiosyncratic band with its enormous drive, infectious beat and brilliant musicianship......all five members are compelling music-makers"

Australian Jewish News, Sydney

" their slick arrangements....also perfectly show-cased the tonal luster of Linn Lorkin's voice, the nuance of her interpretations and the buoyancy of her rhythms..."
Howard Reich, Chicago Herald Tribune

"An impromptu collision of Sholom Secunda, Spike Jones and Django Reinhardt, their frenetic energy and irreverent attitude is a party from start to finish."
Adam Davis, KFAR Arts, Chicago

1. Yiddish Medley: Bublitchky / Die Greene Kaseene / Chosen Ka'le Mazeltov
2. Bei Mir Bist du Shein
3. Tumbalalaika
4. Hebrew Medley: Artza Alinu / Sholom Alechem
5. Ochi Chorniya
6. Bashana Haba'a
7. Eastern Euro Medley: Mezinke / Ut Azoi / Kosatski /
8. Mein Yiddishe Meidele
9. Palestinian - Hebrew Medley: Mechal Ovadya / Tsena Tsena / Hava Nagila




Anonymous said...

Thanks for rew jewish ones, bluesmen :)

It's Darkman ;)

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