Super-Slavs, Gogol Bordello have burst out of the New York underground with their third album and it is a corker. Eugene Hutz is the ringleader of they who have chosen to meld a Russian gypsy folk-punk megamix before your ears. This is beyond fusion; more than just a hybrid.
Los Angeles is the home of rock n roll. New York is the home of indie punks. System of a Down are the natural comparison to Gogol Bordello in the insane world of the perverted folk movements in the way that both make little sense but make so much of everything else, careening across every off-kilter theme one could find.
Hutz snarls and sneers at his microphone, while the backing of an energetically squeezed accordian and a vigorously violated violin sits sumptuously along the tastes of hobo-boho art types in search of the next ‘look’ and punkers looking for something a bit different.
On Gypsy Punks..., the crazy Ukrainian sounds like he’s drunk in charge of a record contract. And I like it.

02.I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again
03.Not a Crime
04.Immigrant Punk
05.60 Revolutions
06.Avenue B
07.Dogs Were Barking
08.Oh No
09.Start Wearing Purple
10.Think Locally f**k Globally
11.Underdog World Strike
13.Santa Marinella

Eliot Ferguson - drums, background vocals
Eugene Hutz - vocals, guitar, percussion
Oren Kaplan - guitar, background vocals
Sergey Ryabtzev - violin, background vocals
Yuri Lemeshev - accordion, background vocals
Elizabeth Sun - percussion, background vocals
Pamela Jintana Racine
Rea Mochiach - bass instrument, percussion, programming, electronics

Part 1.
Part 2.


Darkman said...

Hey Bluesmen!

Any possible to, maybe, indicate in your releases / albums .. the year of the album and the Quality (like for example - 192 kbps, or VBR, or 320 kbps)

Especially the Quality.. - cuz often, i already have the album, and download it again ... cuz thinking that it could be of a higher bitrate, etc..

If i knew the Quality - sometimes i wouldn't need to d/l (if my quality say was exactly the same) :)

Thanks for albums!

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