"This recording developed over a period of several years, during which Di Naye Kapelye have continued scrambling around East Europe looking for conrtexts and traces of Jewish music, a good half century after the Holocaust nearly destroyed Europe's Jewish population and culture.

There are still Jewish communities in East Europe and in the memories of this aging population lives a sense of Jewish culture - Yiddishkeit - that developed strong local expressions of faith and music. Furthermore, the memory of Jewish culture is often maintained by non-Jews, those who choose to cherish the legacy of neighbors lost but not forgotten.

Whether live or on recording, Di Naye Kapelye blow me away. This is roots klezmer in the best way, played in the style that would have had folks dancing madly all night a hundred years ago, just as it compels us to do the same, today.... It is hard to imagine anyone else playing such a diversity of music, not only authentically, but with such heart and skill.... This is a band that makes klezmer sexier than blues or jazz."

Ari Davidow • Klezmer Shack

01. Drey dreydele
02.Meron tune
03. Oyvey rebbenyu
04. 999/Yom ha-shabbes
05. Spoken introduction
06. Platch evrei
07. Goldenshteyns bulgar
08. Jidancutsa and zsidó tánc
09. A mezeldiker yid
10. S´iz shoyn farfaln
11. Wedding processional
12. Goldblatt´s freylakhs
13. Yearning time
14. Borey olam
15. Borey olam be kinyan
16. Jewish hora
17. The Bosnian nign
18. The Bosnian nign
19. L´chaim jo testverek
20. Bride´s dance from Leud

Bob Cohen: violin, mandolin, vocals
Christina Crowder: accordion, vocals
Jack "Yankl" Falk: clarinet, vocals
Gyula Kozma: bass, cello
Ferenc Pribojszki: cimbalom, drums

Mihály Sipos: violin
Péter Éri: 3-string kontra, drum



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