"Innovators, renegades, survivors - within a few years, the Zydepunks have grown from underground heroes into one of New Orleans' most talked about bands. Yiddish riddles, Irish ballads, Cajun punk, and original songs in Spanish and German are a small demonstration of why they astound new audiences. Wild folk dances fronted by accordion and fiddle and backed by relentless drums and bass are a testament to the high-energy folk-punk dance craze that is a Zydepunks show.

The Zydepunks began in 2004 and quickly took the New Orleans music scene by storm with their speedy and amped-up versions of European and Louisiana folk music. Vocal stylings in six languages (German, French, Spanish, Yiddish, English, Portuguese) immediately set the band apart. Their own original work has given the band a more cohesive feel while staying true to their sound.

Sadly, no story about any contemporary New Orleans band is complete without mentioning the hurricane season of 2005. What was looking to be a breakout year for five young musicians coming off a national tour turned into a matter of pure survival. Three founding members ended up returning to New Orleans to houses that were miraculously untouched but a city that was forever mangled. With their lineup and future in doubt, the band managed to reunite for a performance at the New Orleans Voodoo Music Festival. A memorable nighttime show at the legendary Café Brazil gave notice that the old New Orleans might come back after all."

"Everyone jumped for joy to the speed-core melange of klezmer tornadoes, Balkan dances, Celtic reels and bayou-squeezbox war"

Rolling Stone

"World music never sounded like so much frantic, frenetic and sweat-soaked fun."
Hal Horowitz, Creative Loafing Atlanta

"The Zydepunks are one of New Orleans' most rousing live performers... they surprise with sublime accordion-fiddle fueled playing."
Offbeat Magazine

01. Madeleine
02. Satan/Dance you Fukr
03. Lowlands of Baghdad
04. A Fistful of Oysters
05. Bwamba's Rambles
06. Eve's
07. Tumbalalaika
08. Reel & Jig Set
09. Con ti se va mi corazon
10. Romanian Hora & Bulgar
11. Johnny Can't Dance
12. Die Schwimmbadpiraten
13. Mabel's Got the Blues


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Kösz, Bluesmen!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and been downloading like a madman. Many great gems here, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nagyon jo dolgokat talaltam itt.
Lehetne felrakni a Zydepunks elso albumat is?

Anonymous said...

Great man! Thanks from Brazil!

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