In Autumn 2002, to prevent Rome's Apollo Cinema from becoming a huge bingo hall, resident musicians aligned with local artists to create a workshop of writing, music and film. Agostino Ferrente and Mario Tronco founded L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio (named after a square in central Rome where Italians are a minority), formed entirely of immigrants from Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, India, Romania, Hungary, and the U.S. Soon after, production began on the upcoming "documusical" Prove d'Orchestra, which documents this fascinating project. With outstanding solo artists, L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has aroused the curiosity of music critics, journalists and sociologists around the world. The outstanding group plays an explosive mix of South Asian worldbeat, Andean melodies, North African rhythms, and jazz. Each musician has his own cultural background, and this meshing of traditions and cultures leads to a fusion of different styles, melodies and voices from all over the world.

01. Suite Ninderli - Intro
02. Suite Ninderli - Ninderli
03. Terareando
04. Moon Suite - Tre Quarti Di Luna
05. Moon Suite - Lammabede
06. Sahara Blues
07. Ao Gi
08. Mambo De Machahuai
09. Ya Baba Maragia
10. Te No Kenone

The Orchestra - Musicians:
Houcine Ataa – Tunisia - vocals
Peppe D’Argenzio – Italy – sax – bass clarinet
Evandro Cesar Dos Reis – Brazil – vocals - classical guitar, cavaquinho
Omar Lopez Valle – Cuba - trumpet, flugelhorn
Awalys Ernesto “El Kiri” Lopez Maturell – Cuba - drums, congas, hands, feet, background vocals
John Maida - United States - violin
Eszter Nagypál – Hungary - cello
Gaia Orsoni – Italy - viola
Carlos Paz – Ecuador - vocals, Andean flutes
Pino Pecorelli – Italy - double bass, electric bass
Raul “Cuervo” Scebba – Argentina - marimba, glockenspiel, congas, percussions, background vocals
El Hadji “Pap” Yeri Samb – Senegal - vocals, djembe, dumdum, sabar, shaker
“Kaw” Dialy Mady Sissoko – Senegal - vocals, kora, feet
Giuseppe Smaldino - Italy - French horn
Ziad Trabelsi – Tunisia - vocals, oud
Mario Tronco – Italy – Artistic Director - Fender Rhodes




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