"Saban Bajramovic lived a complex life and it is reflected in the music he creates. His passion for life and his unique life experiences are evident in both the music and the lyrics. He is produces original melodies with outstanding improvisations that mirror the special talents of this rare human being. He uses Balkan rhythms and melodies within a jazz motif to tease the listener -- who is drawn immediately to the rhythm, the spectacular combination of instruments. He incorporates traditional instruments as well as modern ones, mimicking the ancient Balkan brass bands from the turn of the century, plus using the accordion to create the gajde-like (bagpipe) sound of the past. The clarinet often reigns supreme with improvisaitons that leave the listener breathless. His voice is mellow, distinctive and has a smokey, sensual sound. He wrote most of the lyrics and music on this CD. So far it is my favorite CD of his. Most of the songs are in the Roma language but a few are in the Serbo-Croatian language.

CD CONTENTS: Track #1 "Jasmina" has a special violin accompaniment that is worth hearing ..."Hanuma" includes the traditional instruments, "bassprim 1" and "bassprim 2" along with percussion, violin, rhythm guitar, trumpet and accordion. It truly is a fine example of music from the Balkans. Track #5, "Pena" is outstanding and was selected to be included in the "Gypsy Caravan" CD by Putumayo. Saban fell in love with a girl in Sofia, Bulgaria, he kissed her and she suddenly left him ... disappeared like soap foam. He dedicates the song to her. I am particularly fond of the music and melody of #14, "Pitao sam malog puza" which is about a little snail, who is asked to sell his house to the singer. The snail reminds the singer that he squandered his money in gambling and card games and could have had enough to buy a house. He begs the little snail to take pity on him, it is fall time, the weather is cold, and the singer's luck ran out, his lover does not want him. One of the most important songs on this CD is, "Pelo Me Sam" which was written while Saban Bajramovic was languishing in jail ... when he did not know if he would survive the experience, live or die. It is written in the true gypsy tradition based on life experiences that were difficult but which look to the future with some glimmer of hope and survival ... nonetheless ... he accepts that his fate is in the hands of G-d, who determines all outcomes. Most highly recommended for anyone interested in Balkan, Gypsy, Serbo-Croatian, or improvisational jazz music."

Erika Borsos (erikab93)

01. Jasmina
02. Pelno Me Sam
03. Hanuma
04. Avaj, Avaj Mo Cavo
05. Pena
06. Sila Kale Bal
07. Djeli Mara
08. Opa Cupa
09. Djelem, Djelem
10. Boza, Limunada
11. Dade, Dade
12. I Barval Pudela
13. Sajbija
14. Pitao Sam Malog Puza



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