"The music on this cd is incredible in its intensity and power - and in its honesty. The band centers around a father, Gojma (Antal Kovács); and his son, Anti (Antal Kovács, Jr.). Gojma's raw, fiery voice contrasts nicely with the smother style of his son - and Anti's guitar work is beautiful. There is a strong Flamenco influence that can be heard in Anti's playing - Spain being just one of the stops on the Roma Road. These two central figures are joined by Joco (József Balogh) on vocals and guitar; Csika (Zsigmond Rafael) on milk churn (that's right...) and bass vocals; Kornél Horváth on an amazing array of percussives (he also offers some percussion-related vocalizing, akin to that heard in recordings of tabla players from India); Zoli (Zoltán Orosz) on accordion; and Laci (Lászlo Molnár) on double-bass. Together they make some of the most infectious, honest and moving music you're likely to hear anywhere.

The songs here deal with life - plain, simple and complicated. There are songs of love and loneliness, of relations with neighbors, of the difficulties in finding suitable employment (who can't relate to that...?), and more. The melodies are beautiful, the playing throughout is superb. This recording would be a great introduction to the music of the Romany Road - check it out!"

Larry L. Looney

01 Szatele Zsav
02 Ando Foro
03 Kanak Ratyi
04 Kon Ka Mel Pe
05 Kanak Tu Ternyi Szanasz
06 Te Szi Tuke
07 Ustyi Tete
08 Bulhoj Kado Paji
09 Pujari Szomasz
10 Parastune
11 Del O Brisind
12 Lina
13 Deta Devla


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