The school in Subotica (the centre of Voevodina – Serbian territory inhabited mainly by Hungarians). In the past decade such gifted talents have completed their studies there as violinists Félix Lajkó and Szilárd Mezei, who, by creating their own musical language, set out into the wide world and found explicit success. founding members of this new hot band come from the music Genuine Subotica atmosphere; carefree elegance or rather, an elegant looseness. Sneaking the Balkans into Europe, or the opposite, sneaking Europe into the Balkans? While they are on fire and have the facility for improvisation, their music is closer to the Balkans rather than to some imagined European idyll that might inspire a striving for faultlessness and precision. And it will be fine like this as long as Csaba Pásztor writes tunes, as long as we sway our heads to the wonderful voice of Tijana and as long as after listening to a particular tune a hundred times we still do not get bored with it (such as Fresh Girl!) – because through this music we will love Paniks and also life itself!

1. Devojka
2. Friss lány (Fresh Girl)
3. Kandes Tsirkec
4. Jelena
5. Beguine
6. Clavire
7. Homage
8. Magla

Csaba Pásztor - solo violin, viola, percussion, reed, vocal
Todorovic Vladimir - guitar, percussion, vocal
Stankovic Tijana - voice, violin
Knezevic Nenad - accordion, vocal
Róbert Verebes - double bass
Tibor Takács (Faki) - big drum, percussion, vocal

Kurina Michael - cimbalom
Virovac Krunoslav - percussion
Róbert Ambrus - percussion, vocal




Anonymous said...

Didn't have the time to listen to them all, but this "Fresh Girl" is amazing!!!

Thanks Bluesme(a)n


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