"Nothing can inspire an artist more than being challenged. The artist in question is Nikola Parov, New York based and playing in the world-famous formation RIVERDANCE."

Nikola Parov is a featured artist in the Riverdance Orchestra, playing a wide variety of instruments: kaval, gadulka, bouzuki and gaida. As well as recording with Bill Whelan, Andy Irvine, Zsarátnok, and Márta Sebestyén and composing dance music for the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

“Budapest producer, Nikola Parov, not only constructs modern chamber-folk arrangements... but also plays a staggering array of instruments himself.”

Geoffrey Himes, The Washington Post

1. Anonym
2. Trance Danubius
3. Diva's Smile
4. Mayo Woman
5. Satyr's Night
6. Tsami
7. Ritual
8. Passio

Nikola Parov - vocals, acoustic guitar, oud, bouzouki, gaida, kaval, gadulka, flute, tin whistle, clarinet, piano, keyboards, programming, percussion
Berecz András - vocals
Des Moore - electric guitar
Zoltán Lantos - violin
Mairtin O'Connor - accordion
Davy Spillane - pipes
Kenneth Edge - soprano saxophone
Ferenc Kovács - trumpet
Ottó Rácz - oboe
Noel Eccles - drums, timpani, percussion



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