Irén Lovász is not only one of the most respected Hungarian folk singers in the world. She is also an academic scholar in Human Sciences, she is a doctor (PhD) of Ethnography. She combines very well her scientific knowledge and her musical talent in her solo concerts, lectures and performances. Irén grew up in the middle of Hungary. In her family folk songs were sung on a daily basis and she learned her first folk songs from her parents and grandparents. As a university student of Linguistics and Literary Sciences she went on singing and began to collect and study ancient Hungarian folk songs in different regions of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin: Romania, Slovakia, Croatia among ethnic Hungarians.
From 1987 - 1995 she worked as an ethnomusicologist at the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, Department of Ethnomusicology dealing with the famous collection of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and László Lajtha.

In 2003 she has got The SINGER OF THE YEAR eMeRton AWARD in Hungary.

In 2005 she set up a new band, and with them she made a new cd: Cloud Doors. The new music is based on archaic Hungarian folk songs, sacred songs and medieval Gregorian chants. The style is: ethno-jazz, worldmusic, crossover.

01 Motto
02 Polorum Regina
03 Angyali üdvözlet / Angelic Salutation
04 Én fölkelék / I arose (első versszak nélkül)
05 Ó, Szent István / Oh, Saint Stephen
06 Ave Maris Stella
07 Alle-alleluja / Alle-alleluyah
08 Mária, Mária / Mary, Mary
09 Menybe vitt leány / The Girl Taken up to Heaven
10 Fellegajtó / Cloud-doors
11 Altató / Lullaby (Én fölkelék, első versszakkal)

LOVÁSZ Irén (ének / voice)
LUKÁCS Miklós (cimbalom)
SZOKOLAY DONGÓ Balázs (duda, furulya, szaxofon / bagpipe, recorder, saxophone)
MIZSEI Zoltán (szintetizátor, ének / synthesizer, voice)
FARKAS Zoltán (gitár, basszusgitár / guitar, bass guitar)
GYULAI Csaba Gyulai (ütőhangszerek / percussion)



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