The band Leningrad was set up by Sergey Shnurov (a.k.a. Shnur) in St. Petersburg in 1997.
Leningrad's line up has changed quite a few times, although their backbone has always remained guitars, drums and a strong brass section. Sometimes keyboards were added, an accordion, double bass, xylophone, balalaikas or even a singing saw. Their last massive line up changes occurred in 2002. Shnur recorded the album 'Piraty XI veka' together with the musicians of St. Petersburg ska band Spitfire. Soon the whole Spitfire gang became part of Leningrad, which again significantly raised the musical level.

01. WWW
02. Bljadi
03. Pidarasy
04. Komon evribadi
05. Sobaka Baskervilej
06. Rezinovyj muzhik
07. Mne by v nebo
08. Ljudi ne letajut
09. U menja est' vse
10. Novyj god
11. Banany
12. Bez tebja
13. Privet, Dzhimmi Hendriks




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