Probably the first alum release by an authentic Gypsy band!
Sung in Gypsy and Hungarian.
Kalyi Jag, Black Fire in English, play authentic Gypsy music and have been doing so for over 20 years. They are recognised as one of the foremost Gypsy folk ensembles in Eastern Europe today. The instruments they use are guitar, jug, board and oral improvisations.
Originally released in 1987.

01. Slow song from Szatmár
What're you looking for, brother
02. Rolled song from Szatmár
Make way, children
03. Slow rolled song from Szatmár
Our daughter-in-law was fair
04. Slow song from Szekszárd
May God be lucky
05. Rolled songs from Szekszárd
a) Follow me, girl
b) I've had a new cart made
06. Cavity (oral bass) improvisations
07. Rolled song from Szabolcs
The band played till the morning
08. Transdanubian slow song
What do I need that much money for
09. Rumanian Gypsy dance from the Balkans
10. Dance song from Nagyecsed
For forty-two nights
11. Fanny
12. Slow song from Szatmár
What's my young life
13. Rolled song from Nyírbátor
14. Stick dance tune from Szatmár
As many girls there were
15. Rolled song from Nagyecsed (1'37")
The duck goes in the water
16. Transdanubian slow song
Mother, mother
17. Rolled song from Nyírvasvári
Her soul is
18. Slow song from Nyírvasvári
Why should my mother die
19. Rolled dance song
I have a pipe and a hat

Ágnes Künstler - voice, snapping with fingers
József Balogh - oral bass, voice, guitar, spoons, tambura, whistle
Gusztáv Varga - whistle, voice, guitar, spoons, oral bass, dance
Béla Balogh - voice, water can, oral bass, dance




Anonymous said...

Now, Agnes Künstler and Joszef Balog are in ETNOROM Band, this is gipsy world music.

But to remind their famous past, you can see the clip of MORI SHEJ on You Tube !

You also have the Budapest Fringe show of Etnorom on You Tube.

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Oh my god.. Thank you soooo much for uploading this!!!

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