The accordion is booming! At every corner, both geographically and musically, the longneglected allround instrument is surfacing.

Since its first tour as Accordion Tribe in 1996, this great band has guaranteed musical verve, blissful melodies and both gloomy melancholy and inquiring, searching sounds.

While their first release was – with great success – still heavily tailored to the live material of their tour at that time, the eagerly awaited current album “Sea of Reeds“ is a downright studio album (recorded in Lars Hollmer’s famous “Chicken House“ in Uppsala, Sweden). This environment allowed The Tribe to fathom out and apply the entire range of their compositional ideas and their virtuoso realization. The result is an arc of sounds (with varying instrumentation) comprising folkloristic pieces (“Silvia’s Tongue“), tango variations (“Tan-gocide“), waltz minnesongs, nordic (“Pas du valse“).
Despite the deliberate stylistic differences the band has created a remarkably homogenous and very rich album, opening up the whole cosmos of the accordion.

01. Tangocide
02. Unikko
03. Lilla Pas du Valse
04. Swither
05. Portaletyde
06. Gras
07. Goldhorn
08. Silvia's Tongue
09. Südaf
10. Tuttuni
11. Chalk Dust
12. Thursday Night's Fridays
13. Spinning Jennie

Bratko Bibic: piano accordion
Lars Hollmer: piano accordion, melodica
Maria Kalaniemi: button accordion
Guy Klucevsek: piano keyboard, convertor bass
Otto Lechner: piano accordion



Anonymous said...


Can not understand how to download Accordion Tribe, surely it is in hungarian language.



Anonymous said...

Impossible to download... I used Google translator, but the FREE downloader option does not work!

Any Suggestion?

Anonymous said...


My G.Angel helped me!

Download OK!


Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Reupload please dear bluesman :)

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