"Világfa (World Tree) is a mythological image that exists in the Hungarian culture and in other cultures as well. The branches, trunk and roots tie together the various dimensions of space and time in the real world and in virtual reality. And this is what this recording, "Világfa" (World Tree) aims at. This collection strives to represent the colourful and many-layered ancient Hungarian folk-songs through the use of ancient carols and musical parallels from other related cultures, starting with the various references to the magical stag from ancient Hungarian mythology, and making a sweeping arc from East to West with examples of different Hungarian folk-songs to show the similarities and unique qualities of the Hungarian folk-songs of each region. Parallel to this, however, the possibility emerges for a kind of musical synthesis not normally achieved in the traditional lifestyle, several examples of which can be heard on the recording. This is a musical journey in virtual time and space; playing with the notion of what cultural possibilities there might have been if Hungarian forefathers had headed eastward or southward from their ancient Western Siberian homeland instead of going to the West. The music on this recording also shows how the richness and universality of original Hungarian folk music lends itself to integration with old and contemporary musical languages of other cultures, as is the practice within today's world music and the future electronic world."

Lovász Irén

01. Megjöttünk, Megjöttünk...- Conquest
02. Regélők, Míg Élők - Till I Live, I'll Chant Tales
03. A Vöröslő Nap Felkeltekor - Chuvas Sunrise
04. Márton Szép - Ilona Fair Ilona Márton
05. Szivárvány Havasán - On A Rainbow's Snow-Mount
06. Bizánci "Porka Havak" - Bizantine Parallel
07. Porondos Víz Martján - On The Watex's Stony Bank
08. Magamnak Marasztom - Little Lass
09. Páva - Hey, Peacock
10. A Pünkösdi Rózsa - Tuberoses
11. Udvarom Közepén - Two Fair Lovers
12. Jaj, De Szépen Virjadozik - The Dawn Is Cracking
13. Szállj Le Kicsi Madár - Alight, Little Birdie
14. Jól Gondold Meg Rózsám - Mull It Over, Sweetheart
15. Ahol Én Elmegyek - The Trees Start Crying
16. Rabnóta - In Chains
17. Virágok Vetélkedése - With Thee, My Flower
18. Hidegen Fúj A Szél - Cold Winds
19. Hej, Révész, Révész - Ferryman
20. Esteledik, Alkonyodik - Sun's Setting
21. Aratóénekek - Harvest
22. Két Tápéi Dal - Tisza River
23. Elment Az Én Rózsám - My Rosebud Departed
24. Két "Dudás" - The Two Bagpipers
25. Zörög A Cidrus - Cypress Shakes
26. Imhol Kerekedik - Yellow-Foot Raven
27. Szánom-Bánom - Wide Is The Danube
28. Estéli Imádság - Colors Of The Earth



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