Back in ancient times Altai was populated by a spiritual civilization. At present the civilization is gradually fading away, but its glow still remains in the form of Altaikai throat singing. Altai kai nowadays is the bridge between the ancient spiritual world of Altai and modern civilization.

A throat singing band "AltaiKai" was founded in 1997. Its goal is conservation and development of the Altai traditional culture and customs. "AltaiKai" is:
- a prize-winner of All-Russia and international festivals and competitions;
- a member of the Russian Federation's folk-lore union.
- a member of the international organization of folk art of UNESCO.
- a winner of the UNESCO prize. Samarkand. 2001.
- a record-holder of the Guinness' "Book of the Achievements and Records" for the longest performance of throat singing in 2003.
- a gold medal winner of the Moscow "Delfiyski Plays" in 2000.
- a gold medal winner at the international festival of throat singing "Dyhanie Zemli" ("the Ground's Breath"). Ulan-Ude. 2005.
- a winner of the G.I. Choros-Gurkin's prize of the Republic of Altai.

The band performed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Czech, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey and the USA.

The members of the group organized three throat singing festivals "Altyn Taiga", where representatives from the Republics of Tyva and Khakasia and such foreign countries as Japan, England and the USA participated.

Despite the fact that Altai throat singing is a tradition with centuries-long history, nowadays it is still a well-established and demanded part of contemporary world music.

01. Baatyrdyng Soozi (Warrior's Words)
02. Altaiym (My Altai)
03. Alkyshtar (Prayers)
04. Kara-suu (Spring Water)
05. Ulaganym jaanyr (Janger Style Song from Ulagan)
06. Shunu Baatyr (Shunu Warrior)
07. Komuzym, oino, oino (Play, Play, My Khomus)
08. Jebren kai la tunur (Ancient Kai Song amd Tunur-Drum)
09. Oyim, oyim
10. Jai (Summer)
11. Kaan Altai (Khan-Altai)
12. Juuchyldar (Hero-Warriors)
13. +Bonus Jai. Slush (Al Korchagin) feat. AltaiKai "Bathing birds remix".



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